Putin opts for the modified Limo service in Russia

russia limo putin zil 468 Putin opts for the modified Limo service in RussiaVladimir Putin, the Russian President, has favored the native limo service as opposed to the armored foreign limousines that the Kremlin leaders used. Putin thus, has proved himself a hardcore nationalist in rejecting the foreign car service. Not only this, Putin also inspires the other ministers to discard the foreign car service in favor of the Russian limousines. The new Russian limousine that Putin along with the other Russian leaders are soon to ride is the modified version of that older ZiL limousines as are the orders from the Kremlin leaders. The car which Putin and his ministers are about to ride is sleek and according to Putin, is going to have a huge effect on the automobile industry of Russia.

The limousine has a Russian origin. The engine, too, is Russian. The modified limo 

service in Russia retains some characteristics of the older ZiL Limousine. But the appearance is entirely different, and the change has been made for good! The modified ZiL limousine is featured with six doors, a weight of 3.5 tons excluding the armor. The capacity of the engine is 7.7 liters. The limo can run 60 miles at a speed of 125km per hour, with only 7 gallons of gas. This, indeed, is much better than the earlier ZiL Limousine driven by the former leader, Leonid Brezhnev as this consumed as many as 17 gallons of gas for the same distance.

The limo is characterised in its inside by plush seats made of calf leather. The car shall also contain a work station along with a TV screen, which is again connected to an external camera. This camera records the events and happenings outside so that those inside the limo can easily keep track of the events taking place outside the limo even when the glass armors are needed to be put down. Sattarov maintains that the new and modified ZiL limo would include the new features for safety and security that are based on Russian technology. The limo service takes on features that are uniquely Russian and would guaranty the safety of the passengers.
Putin Limo Service Putin opts for the modified Limo service in Russia
Mikhail Sattarov views Putin’s step in discarding the foreign car service in favor of the native limo service as more than just a matter of prestige. Mikhail Ganelin, an eminent personality, holds the new and modified ZiL limousine as symbolizing the automobile industry of Russia. Unlike Boris Yeltsin, the former Russian President, who made attempts to make the Russians switch from the use of Mercedes but was unsuccessful , the present President Vladimir Putin, it seems, will emerge successful in his attempt to popularize in Russia their native limo service.

The investment into the new anmd modified ZiL Limousine, it seems, has been quite substantial. The experts maintain that the cost in bringing up a complete new model is near about one billion dollars. This new and modified limo service of Russia is based on advanced technology that is most uniquely Russian and it most evidently provides better safety and security than the older model.